Nuclear Energy Conference 2020

Nuclear power and climate change


[pdf, English] Turning point 2020: The transformation of the energy system and the role of nuclear in the light of rapid changeGeorg Günsberg, freelance energy consultant, Wien

[video, English]

[pdf, English] Questioning the carbon effectiveness of nuclear power – Benjamin K. Sovacool, Sussex University

[video, English]

[pdf, German] Climate change in spite of nuclear power - Can we ignore risks of nuclear power under the threat of climate crisis? –  David Reinberger, Vienna Ombuds-Office for Environmental Protection - City of Vienna

[video, German]

[pdf, English] Climate change effects and their impact on operation and safety of nuclear power plantsOda Becker, nuclear safety expert

[video, English]

[video, English] Discussion with speakers (Georg Günsberg, Benjamin K. Sovacool, David Reinberger, Oda Becker)