Nuclear Energy Conference 2020
Georg Günsberg

Georg Günsberg works as an analyst and political consultant with a focus on energy and climate challenges. Being a political scientist he has worked for different non-governmental organisations (e.g. GLOBAL 2000, ÖKOBÜRO), for the local city council in Vienna and the Austrian Parliament, primarily on climate and energy issues but also on general strategy and program development.

In 2007 Günsberg started his own consulting firm based in Vienna, and is - among other functions - special advisor to the annual Austrian World Summit, The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. He is author of the Factcheck Energy Transition publication series published annually by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and of different studies and research projects related to energy scenarios and the finance sector, e.g. on climate-related risks in investment portfolios. Current research projects (“RiskFinPorto”) analyse transition risks to investors and the role of the divestment movement.

He regularly published analysis papers on the annual IEA World Energy Outlook providing a critical view on the underestimating of disrupting market and technology developments. Georg Günsberg is also a speaker and facilitator at international conferences and in workshops.

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